Naturescape - Discover Naturally

Recognition: 2015 DSVC National Student Show Group Category Finalist

2015 Creative Summit Excellence Award

Overview: Naturescape is a nature and science center that provides a mixture of hands-on educational exhibits and nature friendly recreational activities. This center increases awareness and appreciation for the biological wonders of Austin.

Problem: Austin Nature and Science Center currently has no brand image and information about the park is buried on an website. It’s difficult to find information about hours, special events, camps and exhibits and the information about the park is not cohesive. Many school children visit the park through class field trips, but parents rarely bring their children to the park on theirown. Additionally, the park entrance is somewhathidden at Zilker Park so it is hard to find if you are not already aware of the park location.

Creative Solution: This integrated campaign focuses on creating a new contemporary brand for the ASNC, building community awareness about the park through online and traditional advertising, updating park maps and exhibit information, and encouraging returning visits through a series of special events.

Group Members: Benny Ventura, Lexy Garcia, & Lindsey Steffek

Type Treatment


Color Palette


We’ve started by updating the park’s name to Naturescape. The new name accurately defines the park experience and is more contemporary and memorable. Inspired by the mosaic art located on several buildings at the park, the lettermark was designed to resemble the triangular tile patterns. Because Naturescape is a year-round Austin attraction, we developed a seasonal color palette that keeps the brand fresh and highlights the year-round activities and events at the park.


These icons represent main attractions throughout the park. Each icon is displayed with our seasonal color palette similar to our logo. We use these icons to guide our visitors through the park virtually and physically.

Print Ads

The magazine campaign highlights educational activities at Naturescape while portraying that it is a very hands-on experience for the children. The activities shown are based around the kit you can purchase in the Trading Center.

Outdoor Posters

These outdoor posters promote the grand opening of the new Naturescape. We directed our focus towards young children to get involved in the featured hands-on activities. Let the adventure begin!


Home: We’ve designed a stand-alone site for Naturescape that also links from the site. The site informs guests about exhibits, children’s summer camps, special events, educational opportunities, and volunteer and support efforts. The updated calendar of events will increase return visitors to the site. Visually, the new design reinforces the bright new contemporary brand.

Attractions: Our Attractions page displays the main features of the park with a brief description highlighting activities indoor and outdoor.

Events: Our Events page keeps our visitors up to date on upcoming activities. These are displayed in chronological order and allow visitors to make reservations or share the event via social media.


This application is an extension of the Naturescape website. The main features of this application include virtual wayfinding throughout our park and an interactive “Did You Know?” portion.

Promotional Signage

Environmental graphics will be displayed throughout the park to encourage visitors to download our virtual guided application.

Donation Tree

Leave your mark by leaving a donation. Our cyber donation tree acquires geometric pieces priced by size. Once a certain goal is reached, this tree mosaic will come to life. Local artists will help build this tree along the entrance wall of Naturescape.

Social Media

To share and promote our park, we have incorporated our campaign into the standard applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share the experiences our visitors acquire at Naturescape.

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