Petfinder - Right In Your Backyard 

Recognition: 2015 Creative Summit Ralph Award

Overview: Petfinder is an online resource providing adoptable pets a connection to loving homes. This organization reaches out locally and nationally giving people the opportunity to search for a pet of their preference. Petfinder also increases public awareness by educating pet owners while showcasing adoptable pets through an online database.


Creative Solution: Our campaign is based on the ability to find a pet from a designated mile radius. The focus is to search for pets locally by using Petfinder’s filter incorporated through web and phone applications. Our mission is to showcase how simple Petfinder can be through the adoption process.

Group Members: Lexy Garcia & Lindsey Steffek



Color Palette


These icons represent each category of animals available on Petfinder using simple yet recognizable forms. Each icon has a specific color to help our viewer navigate through each category.

Print Ads

This series displays adoptable pets hidden in everyday surroundings that people naturally overlook. We selected recognizable features of each pet to emphasize that these pets are closer than you think

Outdoor Posters

The focus of these outdoor posters is to highlight how accessible it is to find a pet anywhere. These single animals pop out of our muted and simple environment with the location pin and detail compared to the rest of the frame. Each colored pin represents the animal’s category.


This interactive piece begins with an overview showcasing viewers how accessible it is to find a pet no matter the distance. This step by step design is used as an introduction to a positive adoption experience. The website features a geographical locator and a filter process to connect viewers to a preferred assortment of pet profiles. Viewers have the option of creating an account to revisit their favorite pets or navigate around the site freely.


This application is an extension of the Petfinder website. The two main features of this application include the ability to find pets anywhere in the United States and the Picture Purrfect photo editor. 

Social Media

We want our viewers to have a reason to revisit our application even if it does not include finding an adoptable pet. To capture this, we implemented a photo edit feature where our users can interact with pets. This application allows you to select a pet of your choice then manipulate them while taking a photo. We showcase this feature with other news and events through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.